News July 10, 2020

Old Pass Road Getting Rehab

by Jackson Hole Radio News

A public-private partnership project on the Bridger-Teton National Forest to maintain the asphalt on the historic Old Pass Road in the Teton Pass area is scheduled to begin today. This project is in its second and final year of implementation. Last fall, the road repair focused on the upper section of the road. This year, the project will focus on the lower section beginning at Trail Creek trailhead and ending just above Crater Lake. During this time, there will be heavy equipment and truck traffic on the road. Volunteers and staff will be on-site to direct people around the work areas and off of the fresh asphalt. Bicyclists will have to walk their bikes around work areas. Walkers and hikers are encouraged to seek alternate trails in the Teton Pass area. The 108-year old road has seen many uses since the early settlers of Jackson used it as the primary transportation corridor into the valley. Today it serves as a unique paved pathway in the Forest with an average of 175 people per day walking or biking the road.