- July 30, 2020

Spike in Campers Impacts Forest

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Bridger-Teton National Forest is experiencing a significant increase in camping this summer, both at developed campgrounds and dispersed campsites. Because of the spike in use, visitors are struggling to find Forest locations to camp, often searching for hours for a place to park and set up. Popular areas in the Jackson and Blackrock Districts are filling by early to mid-morning. The higher use is also resulting in an increase in violations and resource concerns, most notably building new fire rings, abandoned campfires, proper food storage in bear country, human waste, and off-route motorized travel. Ten of the more popular campgrounds are filling by mid-day while seven more distant from town are not filling until later in the day. Even dispersed camping is seeing an impact this summer. In light of the heavy use, Bridger Teton National Forest is asking campers to please be safe and do your part to respect the land, wildlife, and other people.