News July 27, 2020

State Nets 857,000 For Lotto This Quarter

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Do you ever try your luck by buying a lottery ticket from a Wyoming retailer? Even if you didn’t win, that purchase had a positive effect – more last year than ever. WyoLotto announced a record transfer to the state for fiscal year 2020. WyoLotto was able to transfer $867-thousand to the Wyoming State Treasurer on July 8th — the highest amount in the last four quarters. Each quarter the company, as per its mission and statute, transfers net profits to Wyoming, which is then distributed directly to the cities, towns and counties to use as needed.  WyoLotto Board of Directors Chairman Gerry Marburger says “We have seen jackpots rise and players get so excited that our sales allowed us to transfer more than $6.6 million one year. But, this last fiscal year, jackpots did not reach levels to create that same level of excitement. That being said, we are very proud of the $3,327,838 that was transferred this year.” WyoLotto started transferring profits directly to the state in April of 2016, which brings the running total to $19,366,622.