Yellowstone Park Conducts 1000 Virus Tests for Employees

by Jackson Hole Radio News

In partnership with the states of Montana and Wyoming, over 1,000 COVID-19 tests have been conducted on Yellowstone employees over the past eight weeks. Another 455 tests were recently confirmed negative in the fifth, sixth, and ninth rounds of testing, bringing the total number of confirmed negative tests to 1,032. About 200 tests are currently pending. Two Yellowstone concession employees with symptoms recently tested positive for COVID-19. Once the positive tests were confirmed, these employees were isolated. The first employee experienced COVID-19 symptoms while away from the park and was tested outside the park. Once the positive test was confirmed, the employee was isolated. The second employee had symptoms while in the park, was tested at the clinic, and determined to be positive. The employee was immediately isolated while contact tracing occurred. Several other employees were quarantined as a precaution. Meanwhile, three separate visitors have tested positive recently after being in the park. These visitors sought medical assistance at Yellowstone clinics, were tested, and tested positive. One visitor spent one night in the park and the other did not stay overnight. It is highly likely these visitors had the virus prior to entering the park. The third visitor was tested outside the park after visiting for a week. It has not been determined if the virus was contracted while the visitor was in the park or prior to entering.