News September 8, 2020

Evacuees Return Home

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Residents of subdivision south of Jackson were able to return to their homes about 16 hours after they were suddenly evacuated from their homes with no forewarning. The evacuations were the result of a wildfire that started about 4:30 pm Sunday near the Swinging Bridge south of Jackson and spread very rapidly. Firefighters from around the region aided by air support managed to halt the spread of the fire at 80 acres and protect all the structures in the area. Jackson/Teton County Fire Chief Brady Hansen told evacuees during a briefing that once the fire is mopped up, authorities look to answer some questions relating to the fire.

Hansen said, “The cause of the fire is still under investigation – that’ll happen over the next couple of days; but the important part for us was that we got everyone evacuated so that we can do our jobs effectively and keep everybody out of harm’s way.”

Area residents quickly opened their homes and pasture lands to the evacuees and their animals, negating the need for formal arrangements to be made to house those dislocated for the night. In some cases, firefighters cut fences to that horses and other livestock could escape the advancing fire if needed. Officials, however, say there were no losses and no injuries.

Teton Area Fires Burning