Mayor Says Accuser Lied

Mayor Says Accuser Lied


Mayor Pete Muldoon held a press conference today to address the 2018 sexual assault allegations made against him and the ethics complaint that he has filed against Teton County and prosecuting Attorney, Erin Weisman.

Muldoon said in his statement that his accuser and him did have a sexual relationship and that the encounter in question was the first but not the last encounter in this sexual relationship. Muldoon said, “The fact that all of those encounters were consensual is crystal clear from the evidence that was collected in this case.”

He said that after the last encounter, his accuser became upset that he did not want to continue the relationship. Muldoon said, “She began to tell me that if I would not agree to continue the relationship then she had no choice but to believe I had assaulted her.”

Muldoon said he considered the threat a form of relationship blackmail and that he began recording their conversations and he provided the recordings to investigators.

Muldoon said he had not seen the DCI report and that it had been sealed but he was told that the report was exonerating by the investigator.

He said his stood by his statement that his accuser lied but that she believed it was true. He said, “I don’t believe the woman who accused me intended to harm me

Muldoon told reporters that he did not pursue charges against the accuser because he didn’t want women to be dissuaded from filing reports and telling law enforcement about sexual assaults that have happened to them because they are worried that they might be charged with a crime for doing so.

“I don’t wish my accuser any ill will, I wish her the best,” Muldoon said. “I hope she finds some peace somewhere; I am going to stick with taking the high road here.”

The Mayor said he relied on his attorney’s advice that the records would be sealed and that the Teton County Sheriff’s Department would follow the law.

Both Erin Weisman and Sheriff Matt Carr are Democrats and in spite of writing in his statement that he was addressing an unfounded and partisan attack, at the press conference he said he never said it was partisan. “I said it was a political disagreement and that’s very different,” Muldoon noted.

Muldoon said that he had been blind-sided by the release of the police reports and that the woman who asked for these records, Gloria Courser, is partisan.

Courser has maintained otherwise saying she is a libertarian and previously said, “It is no secret that I have been often in opposition to Mayor Muldoon since his run for Mayor in 2016.  This opposition is not limited to his position on health orders that I believe are a breach of civil liberties.  I find him to be divisive, duplicitous, and disingenuous. Ironically, I have always felt his personality to be very similar to the very President that he seems to despise.”

The Mayor also addressed the comments made earlier this week by Jackson resident Eden Morris who spoke to the Town Council and Teton County Board of Commissioners earlier this week.

Morris told the elected officials that Muldoon had inappropriately sent her private Facebook messages about her social media post that described her own sexual assault.

Morris said, “He chose to engage with me on a private platform where he thought no one would see his comments or witness his actions,” and also said, “The words and actions of Mayor Muldoon are toxic, inexcusable, and infuriating,” she said. “I join with countless other women in demanding his immediate resignation.”

Muldoon said he reaction to Morris was wrong. “I failed her as Mayor,” he said and, “I failed her as a human being.”

He said that if Morris would hear his apology, “I offer it fully and sincerely.”

The press event was facilitated by Nina Benet communications director for the Wyoming State Democratic Party who explained that the party provides communications help for all Democrat candidates when they seek the assistance.

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