Muldoon Accuser Issues Statement

by Jackson Hole Radio News


Jackson Hole Radio received a statement today from the woman who reported a sexual assault accusation against Jackson Mayor Pete Muldoon.

An attorney with the Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Legal Services Program who represents the victim who made the 2018 allegation against Pete Muldoon provided the following statement from the accuser who has asked for her name to remain confidential:


 During this past week, I have experienced panic attacks, sleepless nights and a general feeling of brain fog as I have continued to hear Pete Muldoon attack me in the press and portray himself as the victim in this matter. I have stood by and watched as people in the community have forwarded the details of my rape to each other for their own entertainment; the rumors have gone as far as to weaponize my history of sexual victimization against me. I have listened as Mr. Muldoon calls me a liar and deliberately misrepresents the facts of this case. I feel I have no choice but to speak out. 

I stand by the statement I made to law enforcement in 2018. After Mr. Muldoon raped me, I continued to have contact with him, but it would be hard for me to characterize the relationship as consensual. I knew that what he did to me was wrong, but I didn’t want to admit to myself that I had been raped. I convinced myself that if he and I were in a relationship, that what he did to me wouldn’t be rape. While I knew that this wasn’t true, I desperately tried to normalize what happened to me. He attempted to minimize the sexual assault, and to manipulate me. During the week after the assault (which Mr. Muldoon characterizes as a “consensual relationship”), I was emotionally shaky and twice met with Mr. Muldoon to confront him about raping me. The second time I confronted him about it, he threatened me and kicked me out of his house. At no time did I blackmail him. 

In the two years since Mr. Muldoon raped me, I have experienced more trauma at the hands of men than at any other time in my life. I feel that what he did left a mark on me that other violent men can see. The events of this past week have only exacerbated this trauma. 

In his statement, Mr. Muldoon apologized to another victim of sexual assault. He expressed concern for her. As he has continually called me a liar in the press, he has demonstrated no concern for my wellbeing. In his press release, he stated that he hopes I find peace while he is actively disrupting my life. He wished me the best and this certainly isn’t it. He continues to push a narrative that he is the one who is actually suffering. I hope Mr. Muldoon recognizes this moment of courage and sits quietly to hear and understand it. Despite all of this, I will not back down. I stand with other survivors of sexual assault. If others wish to report, I will stand by you.