Muldoon Files Ethics Complaint Against Teton County Attorney

by Jackson Hole Radio News


Mayor Pete Muldoon has filed a complaint against Teton Count Attorney Erin Weisman it was announced Tuesday.

Wyoming Democratic Party Communications Director Nina Hebert sent out a press release and scheduled a Wednesday morning press call with Muldoon.

Muldoon, a Democrat, says the release of Sheriff’s Office reports about an investigation of first degree sexual assault in 2018 broke the law and amounted to a vicious, politically-motivated, partisan attack.

Weisman has said that under current case law and statutes in Wyoming, the documents may be released.

Both Weisman and Sheriff Matt Carr are Democrats.

The full press release follows:


Date: Oct 6, 2020

Jackson Mayor and Town Council candidate Pete Muldoon has filed an Ethical

Violations Complaint with the Wyoming State Bar against Teton County Attorney regarding the

illegal release of his name as part of a records request.

Muldoon released the following statement regarding recent revelations that he was falsely

accused of a crime in 2018.

“While I would much prefer to not spend time addressing an unfounded and partisan

attack, I do believe in transparency in government, and therefore have some things to

share with you.

I want to acknowledge the very real pain and harm suffered by those in our community

who have shared their stories of sexual assault and rape. They are horrifying crimes that

we must universally condemn, and my heart goes out to every victim.

My default is and will always be to trust that when a victim of sexual assault comes

forward, we need to listen to them the way we do victims of any other crime, and

immediately launch a thorough investigation. Many victims never get that thorough

investigation, and this must change.

The complaint filed against me did receive a thorough investigation, and I’m glad for that,

because it shows the knowledge and capability exists for these cases to receive the

attention and priority they deserve, so that every victim gets the justice she or he


I cooperated fully with that investigation, not only by giving interviews but by opening my

entire life to the investigators, including the contents of my phone–texts, audio

recordings, and voicemails between myself and the other party. It was very personal, it

was difficult, but ultimately, it confirmed my total innocence.

Despite the necessarily invasive investigation, and despite the fact that I have to address

a matter that has already been closed, I do not intend to pursue charges against the

other party in that case. Nothing has changed since my innocence was first proven,

except that my identity was released in spite of the law. I declined to pursue a criminal

case against the complainant then, and someone else’s political hitjob is no reason to

reconsider that decision now.

This vicious, politically-motivated attack on my character has upended my life once

again.However, I know that what I am experiencing is very little compared to the

countless assault victims who are traumatized all over again when they are failed by a

system which rarely takes them seriously. I have no right to expect anything better from

that system, but I do have a responsibility to fix it.

The police are required to protect the privacy of both victims and the falsely accused. If

we cannot trust the police to follow the law and protect the identities of innocent citizens,

do we really trust them to protect victims’ identities? Survivors need strong,

compassionate officers who will believe them, protect their privacy, and fulfill their duty to

seek justice on their behalf. That is the type of law enforcement agency we all deserve,

and the type I am fighting to bring to Jackson.

This past week was challenging for our community on many levels, but I’ve never been

more committed to providing leadership that makes it a better, healthier and safer place

for us all to live.”

Mayor Muldoon is considering available legal remedies and will provide further updates as