Resident Takes Complaint Against Muldoon to County Commission

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Criticism of Mayor Pete Muldoon carried over into a second day of public testimony, this time in front of the Teton County Board of Commissioners.

Local resident and small business owner Eden Morris, who also spoke at Monday night’s Town Council meeting appeared under public comment Tuesday morning.

Reprising her comments directed to the council, Morris told the county board that Mayor Muldoon had inappropriately contacted her via private Facebook messages after she shared a post about her experience of sexual assault.

Morris said that the Mayor essentially told her that he believed her story but that women lie.

She said that after her post was forwarded to Muldoon, he took it upon himself to contact her.

Morris told commissioners, “He chose to engage with me on a private platform where he thought no one would see his comments or witness his actions.” She added, “I would like it to be know that I have screenshots of the messages that he sent to me and I provided them to the board of commissioners as well as the town council for their reference.”

Morris said, “Mayor Muldoon’s actions in response to me social media post were completely inappropriate and are a perfect demonstration of his lack of understanding and awareness of the lasting damage that his words will cause survivors of sexual assault.”

As she did Monday, Morris asked Muldoon to resign.