News October 16, 2020

Stay Away From Nasty Algae

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Although fewer people are recreating in Wyoming’s lakes and reservoirs this fall as water and air temperatures decrease, the Wyoming Department of Health, Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, and Wyoming Livestock Board are reminding people, including hunters and fisherman, to continue to avoid and keep animals away from harmful cyanobacterial blooms – also referred to as blue-green algae – that may still be present. Although most blooms occur during the warmer summer and fall months and are expected to dissipate as temperatures decrease, some types of cyanobacteria are known to persist in freezing conditions and may continue to pose health risks to people and animals. The algae has a neuro-toxin that can bring about death in some animals within a half hour. The state department of health advises If people, pets, or livestock come into contact with a bloom, rinse off with clean water as soon as possible and contact a doctor or veterinarian immediately.