News November 16, 2020

Gordon Proposes Half-Billion Dollar Budget Cut

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has released his supplemental budget proposal today including more cuts on top of reductions implemented in the summer.

Gordon’s would cut state spending by more than $500 million and creates a balanced budget. State agencies will undergo cuts averaging 15 percent.

“Our circumstances require that we make further reductions in order to meet our Constitutional obligation to balance Wyoming’s budget. These cuts to state agencies will result in the elimination of both private and public sector jobs,” Governor Gordon said. “In approaching this supplemental budget, I have focused first on what is constitutionally mandated, thereby protecting the health, wellbeing and liberties of all Wyoming citizens.

The Governor noted the cuts are difficult to make and said he wanted to thank the agencies for their hard work and helpful recommendations.

The Governor’s total proposed cuts would include $135 million to the Wyoming Department of Health impacting healthcare coverage for low-income and disabled residents, services for mental health, substance abuse treatment, and developmental preschools.

The proposed budget calls for nearly 15 percent reductions to higher education and other agencies would experience nearly 20 percent in cuts.

Governor Gordon did caution that after these budget reductions there remains a nearly $300 million deficit today that is covered with dollars from the state’s Rainy-Day Fund.

The Governor’s proposed supplemental budget can be viewed at