News from Jackson Hole Radio November 30, 2020

Teton County Mask Order Gets Tighter

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Travis Riddell, MD, Teton District Health Officer, has tightened restrictions for wearing masks and will now require that all businesses and offices mandate face coverings. This updated mask order goes into effect at midnight tonight through January 4, 2021.

Specifically, the new rule says that anyone over 12 years old must wear a mask in any business, not just in retail or commercial settings.  A business is defined as any type of business entity that has employees. This includes office spaces where the public does not normally enter.

Masks will also be required in all Town of Jackson and Teton County buildings that are open to the public.

Masks are to remain on in all office settings when you are within 6-feet of your co-workers.

To read theTeton County Mask Order in full please visit

Riddell said, “We are excited that this new extension of the mask order is more robust and includes more situations our community members and workers may find themselves.  We are hoping that this version of the mask order will assist in stopping transmission for COVID-19 in workplaces and in other settings outside of households.”