News from Jackson Hole Radio November 13, 2020

Winter Changes Come to Highway 22

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Drivers on highway 22 need to be aware of some changes that will be implemented starting Sunday. Each year, the highway department lowers the speed limit between the Snake River Bridge and town from 55 miles an hour to 45 miles an hour in the interest of safety. That heavily-traveled section of highway is prone to icy conditions resulting in traffic accidents during the winter months. The signs reflecting the speed limit change are currently being posted. Meanwhile, beginning Sunday, the Wyoming Department of Transportation will be moving the vehicle brake check area from its current location on top of the pass to the weigh station on the west side of the pass. As a result, the brake check area at the top of the pass will be open to public parking on beginning Sunday. As a reminder, parking will be restricted when snow control activities take place. Typical snow-control missions begin in the middle of the night, usually around 3:00 am. Generally, when WYDOT initiates a control mission, lights will begin flashing the night of the mission, earlier in the evening. Additionally, the seasonal trailer restriction on the pass Teton Pass also takes effect until April first.