News from Jackson Hole Radio December 1, 2020

Beaupre Says St John’s in Precarious Position

by Jackson Hole Radio News

St. John’s Health Center CEO Dr. Paul Beaupre told the Teton County Commissioners Tuesday morning that the hospital is in a precarious position due to the recent spike in COVID cases in the county. Dr. Beaupre said the intensive care unit was completely full on Monday, but one patient was able to be moved to the main floor freeing up one of the rooms by Tuesday. None-the-less, Dr. Beaupre said the hospital is full with a large percent of the patients suffering from COVID. On top of the crowding, he said 34 members of the staff were out being quarantined – 19 of whom had actually tested positive for the virus. Given the crowding problem, he says he is very concerned about the rate of community spread, with the number of new cases on Monday alone rising to 70 residents. If things continue this way, Dr. Beaupre says they may have to double up patients in single rooms. The doctor put the oneness of the spread on the community who he urged to take action to slow down the spread by limiting gatherings outside immediate family and returning to doing take-out dining. Asked if any action is being sought by the county commission, Dr. Beaupre said simply making a statement urging community members to take more personal responsibility for their actions.