News from Jackson Hole Radio December 2, 2020

Grizzlies Bold Behavior a Warning to Hunters

by Jackson Hole Radio News

The food storage order has been temporarily expanded in specific areas of Bridger Teton National Forest in order to promote a safer environment for humans and bears. Forest visitors in the Blackrock, and Jackson Ranger Districts will see a wider regulatory boundary where the proper storing, processing, transporting, and camping with food or attractants, will be enforced. The order will be in effect until January 15th. Bridger-Teton wildlife biologist Jason Wilmot says bears have been exhibiting very bold behavior around hunters recently, with Grizzly bears moving through and near their camps,” Grizzly Bears have been increasingly keying in on the food resources made available from elk hunts, putting human use, attractants, and grizzly bears in the same areas, which is a recipe for conflict. Furthermore,

Bear 399 and her family group have been moving around on and off the Forest at this late date while seeking late-fall food sources for the four cubs. Wilmot says it may be some time before the five bears go into denning. 399 was actually documented not going into hibernation until the first week of January a few years back.