News January 12, 2021

Governor Addresses Legislature

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon emphasized the need for Wyoming to live within its means, defend its energy industry and revitalize education during a message to the legislature delivered during Tuesday’s one-day virtual legislative meeting. The Governor highlighted the successful distribution of $1.25-billion in Federal CARES Act dollars to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, including nearly $500 million that was delivered to Wyoming small businesses, as well as funds allocated to schools, long-term care facilities, hospitals, first responders, local governments and to support broadband access.

“Thanks to the work of Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso, as well as Congresswoman Cheney, Wyoming secured $1.25-billion in CARES Act funding – the most per capita of any state. I’ve said it before, our Congressional Delegation is one of the most influential and respected in Washington; and they repeatedly delivered for our state in our time of need.”

Gordon also pointed to decisions made to quickly provide access to Wyoming’s tourist attractions after the pandemic hit as being instrumental in preserving the state’s second largest industry and largest employer.

:22    Despite the grip of COVID-19, Wyoming saw a surge in tourism. Taking the calculated risk of opening Wyoming’s entrances to Yellowstone two weeks before Idaho or Montana helped make this season one of the best in recent memory. It actually led to a record year for some businesses that cater to tourism.”

The Governor also pointed out that agriculture faced its own daunting challenges this year, in part due to the pandemic. He said wool-growers and meat processors in particular were impacted by the pandemic which impacted the markets and workers, and he praised the Wyoming agriculture sector for their fortitude in working through the challenges.