News from Jackson Hole Radio January 13, 2021

Health Director Says Gather Only with Household Groups

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Due to the recent increase in new COVID-19 cases in Teton County, the Teton District Health Officer finds it necessary to re-issue Recommendation 11.

This recommendation asks community members to gather only with their household groups; that is, people who live together at the same residence.  It will be in place from now through January 27th.

Recommendation 11 was first put in place from December 3rd through December 15th, at which time Teton County, Wyoming was experiencing a high number of new COVID-19 cases, increased hospitalizations, and a strain on the contact tracing system.

Now, similar circumstances are making this recommendation necessary for the second time. Attending work and school is still appropriate with proper physical distancing, mask-usage, and hygiene measures.

The recommendation asks that people avoid other social, recreational, and extracurricular gatherings with members outside their household.  Although this isn’t a health order that is enforceable by law, Teton County Health Department is asking that community members help assist in lowering the current COVID-19 case counts by following the provisions of Recommendation 11.