News from Jackson Hole Radio January 12, 2021

Input Sought for Northern South Park

by Jackson Hole Radio News

The town and county are calling for the northern South Park neighborhood to be designed through a planning process that supports and enhances shared community values. To achieve this objective, public participation is being sought in this planning process. The public participation program has been designed by a consultant team working with town and county planning staff to engage and integrate community members throughout the planning process. With a focus on efficient plan-making, they say public participation opportunities will range in level of involvement, timing, and format to ensure that input is effective, diverse, and accessible to all. The new planning effort was launched when a land-owner south of the Cottonwood subdivision recorded a restrictive covenant on their land to guarantee 65% of the lots in a High School Road Housing proposal would be for Teton County workers. The legally binding of their land answers the question of how the public can be assured that up to 203 workforce homes would be permanent housing inventory for local workers. But the town and county balked at the idea and called for yet another planning effort for the area before permitting the project which is now being opened to the public.