Top Stories January 12, 2021

Snowpack Below Average

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Much of Wyoming is experiencing drought conditions this year, while other areas of the Rocky Mountain States are in far worse condition. Here in the northwestern corner of Wyoming, however, the snow-water equivalent is below average, but not nearly as severe as in other locations. That figure ranges from 98% of normal in northern Yellowstone and 91% farther south, to 86% in the Jackson Hole area. Snowpack west of the Tetons in the upper Snake Basin is 85% of normal. Elsewhere in Wyoming, the percentages range from the mid-70s in central Wyoming to the 60s on the eastern side of the state, and even 14% in the extreme southeastern corner of the state. Statewide, the median has been computed at 76% which compares with 109% at this time last year.