News February 17, 2021

10 Snowplow Collisions on I-80

by Jackson Hole Radio News

The Wyoming Department of Transportation has experienced a rash of collisions this week where snowplows have been rear-ended by unobservant motorists. Altogether, there have been 10 snowplow strikes over a five-day span as plows have been out maintaining the roads due to wintry conditions.

Most of those have been along the Elk Mountain stretch of I-80 or I-25 north of Cheyenne. One incident involved a tractor trailer hitting the rear of the plow which totaled both vehicles and injured a WYDOT plow driver.

The others necessitated the personal vehicles to have to be towed away while the plows were still drivable. The strikes, which occurred from February 11th through February 16th, bring the total number to 17 for the winter season, which runs from October through May.

To avoid any collisions, WYDOT officials urge motorists to pay attention, put down the distractions and drive cautiously.

Motorists should stay a safe distance behind a plow until it’s safe to pass. WYDOT’s snowplows typically travel slower at speeds of 25 to 45 mph, depending on conditions.