News from Jackson Hole Radio February 16, 2021

Be Alert for Scam Calls on COVID-19

by Jackson Hole Radio News

The Wyoming Department of Health is warning residents to be on alert for suspicious, potentially fraudulent activity, as efforts to help prevent COVID-19 deaths and illnesses by providing free, safe and effective vaccinations continue.

Department of Health Director Michael Ceballos says his department is hearing about unexpected calls going to residents from people falsely claiming they represent a local health department or the Wyoming Department of Health.

The callers go on to request payment or personal details such as social security numbers. Ceballos stresses that the vaccines are free to those who are getting them, and insurance is not required.

No one should be asking for payment to get a shot or to make an appointment. Vaccines are not typically being given in homes and there is no payment option to get ahead in line.

A social security number is also not needed and should not be given over the phone to someone who calls you unexpectedly.

Ceballos noted some people may be asked to show Medicare or insurance cards at their vaccine appointments only so professionals giving shots can get reimbursed.