News February 11, 2021

Fall River Co-op Issues Rebate

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Fall River Electric Cooperative announced the payment of another $1 million in the form of a rebate to 2020 owner/customers of the Co-op.

The Fall River board decided to return current profits, referred to as margins, to all the Cooperative’s owners knowing that many have been impacted by the on-going pandemic. Additionally, this $1 million will be infused back into the local economies of the communities of eastern Idaho and southwestern Montana.

This is on top of the $1 million plus paid out to owner-members in December through the Cooperative’s Patronage Capital program, meaning Fall River Electric has now distributed over $2 million dollars within the last two months.

February’s disbursement is to those customers who purchased power last year while the December payments were to members of the Co-op who purchased power in 2000. The patronage capital program disburses extra revenues over the cost of operations to its owner-members on an approximate twenty-year cycle.