County Gets Money To Improve Teton Pass

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Teton County has received a federal grant to be used toward improving transportation, outdoor recreation access and wildlife safety on Teton Pass.

The County announced Thursday that it had been awarded $300 thousand from the Federal Land Access Program to begin planning efforts.

Teton County Engineer Amy Ramage explains, “This grant will allow us to develop a cohesive plan to address unprecedented levels of recreation and commuter use, while also looking at ways to reduce wildlife/vehicle collisions and improve pedestrian safety.”

Recreation use of this corridor, both during the winter and summer, has risen sharply since the early 1990s. Multiple trailhead facilities provide access to high-use recreation trails during the summer and exceptional backcountry terrain in the winter, but it comes at a price.

As commuter and commerce traffic has also rapidly increased, parking congestion, conflict, and safety concerns, plague the area.

Wildlife vehicle collisions are also a safety and ecological concern, and solutions proposed in the Teton County Wildlife Crossings Master Plan will be considered in this effort.