News March 23, 2021

Sewer pipe overreach bill passes house committee

by Jackson Hole Radio News

A bill introduced in the Wyoming Senate to limit towns from denying a subdivision from connecting to the sewer plant won unanimous approval in the House Agriculture, State and Public Lands Committee yesterday.

Senate File 157, described as a property rights limitation on local authority was approved when the committee referred to the measure as clarification to existing law, rather than creating a new law.

Mayor Hailey Morton Levinson told the committee that she believed local towns should not lose any of their local control and assured there was never any intention of denying the proposed development at South Park Road and High School Road connection to the town sewer system.

Landowner Nikki Gill again testified that they have worked diligently to compromise with the local town and county governments but officials with the Town of Jackson have delayed approval of connection which has caused undue hardship. She told the committee that it is because they want to force the landowners to develop devalued homes before they would approve the connection.” She also reiterated that the proposed development was included in previous sewer capacity studies completed by the town and had been zoned for the past 26 years for the kind of development planned.