News March 18, 2021

Vaccine Effort Makes Progress

by Jackson Hole Radio News

Teton County Public Health is currently taking registration for the Phase 1C group to receive vaccinations now. This group is the largest group in Phase 1.

Rachael Wheeler of the health department told members of the county Local Emergency Planning Committee that due to changes in health orders, hotels, retail, and basically anyone who has direct contact with visitors have been added into Phase 1 so that there are roughly 7000 people on that list.

Wheeler says Public Health has been doing about 1500 vaccine per week, randomly selecting people from the three different criteria – work, age, and chronic condition.

The oldest residents receive the first appointments. Wheeler says the Public Health Department expects to be able to open vaccine appointments to general public by mid‐April, but they are still working out the details for implementation.

Between now and then, she says, there will be mega clinic to vaccinate as many people on Phase 1 list as possible, hopefully by last Saturday of March.