Thanksgiving tips for your pets

For many, Thanksgiving Day is a time for a special dinner for the family and oftentimes, guests as well. Jackson Hole Radio Veterinary Correspondent Dr. Stephanie Ninnemann sounds some cautions during this celebration for pet owners. At the top of the list, pets should not be fed table scraps either from the table or in the kitchen. However, some other seemingly harmless foods can be harmful to pets and should never be given to them.

“There are those typical foods like onions and grapes and raisins that can be very deadly to dogs and cats – but even other foods like turkey that might be a little bid richer than the turkey we normally give our pets as treats can cause something called pancreatitis which can be a very deadly inflammation of the pancreas and cause some significant problems down the line. Of course, just like any other day of the year, any poultry bone, whether it is chicken or turkey, does tend to fracture a little bit more – so don’t allow your dog to be chewing on those bones. They’re not safe to be giving.

Dr. Ninnemann also says food with artificial sugars or sweeteners can be poisonous to our animals – chocolate is bad for dogs and can cause an elevated heart rate, seizures, and in extreme cases, death. Yeast dough to be baked into bread can cause bloating which can, if not treated properly, lead to death. Dr. Ninnemann says finally, be sure your trash is secured so that it cannot be inadvertently accessed by your pet and these harmful foods or ingredients be consumed.

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