Town raises taxes

At its regular meeting Monday evening, Town Council chose to make a long-term commitment to diversify its revenue for the first time in

Fence rules take shape

The Teton County Planning and Building Services Department has developed and released amended draft regulations related to Wildlife Friendly Fencing. The Teton

Wyoming’s wind eyed

Mega power utility Pacific-Corps proposes to build six wind farms that could supply enough electricity for over 1-million homes in Wyoming and

Search scales down

After days of extensive ground and aerial efforts, the search for 27-year-old Cian McLaughlin in Grand Teton National Park will shift tactics to


Mental health services cut

Budget cuts to the Wyoming Department of Health are causing reductions in the state’s mental-health and substance-abuse services, with bigger impacts projected

Gas keeps going up

Gasoline prices continue to rise as summer travel increases nationwide. According to AAA Auto Club, the price of a gallon of unleaded

Wyoming Cancer program expands

The Wyoming Cancer Program, which is part of the Wyoming Department of Health has announced changes to breast, cervical and colorectal screening

Town raises water rates

Residential water rates are going up in the town of Jackson. In 2020, the town empaneled a 10-member volunteer citizen review committee

Heat hard on pets

Yes, the past week or more has been hotter than usual and most uncomfortable. But the heat may be a concern for