Mountain lions cause concern in Teton Valley

Mountain lions in Teton Valley

Mountain lions in Teton Valley have caused Idaho Game and Fish officials to warn residents to be more vigilant.

A mountain lion attacked and killed a pet dog in Tetonia on Monday forcing law enforcement to kill the cat.


James Brower with the Idaho Fish and Game Department said that the pet owners did nothing wrong or out of the ordinary to cause the attack to happen.

Mountain lions normally avoid people

And he noted that while mountain lion sightings are rare, Teton Valley residents have reported numerous daytime sightings of the predators which is not typical behavior.

Idaho Fish and Game has received several reports of mountain lion sightings in Teton Valley and is now working with residents to address concerns and provide safety tips and suggestions to those who live close to lions and other wildlife.

No matter the species, being aware of your surroundings is often the best line of defense.

Game officials say that when people and their pets live near mountain lions, everyone needs to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings. By nature, mountain lions are shy and will avoid contact with humans.

Do not feed wildlife

Homeowners can make a mountain lion encounter less likely if they do not feed wildlife. Elk and deer are the preferred prey for mountain lions. Un-naturally feeding elk and deer will bring in predators to the feed site.

Do not leave your household garbage outside and unsecured. As with pet food, the garbage will not typically attract a mountain lion, but it might attract other wildlife that would be considered prey by a lion.

Ensure that a lion cannot get under your patio or deck. These spaces can be a perfect location for a day-bed or hiding spot.

Install motion-sensor lights which may discourage wildlife from staying in your yard.