St. John’s Health healing with artist’s help

St. John's Health Art healing with artist's help
Kathryn Turner's Artwork courtesy of St. John’s Health

St. John’s Health Foundation is looking for original paintings, limited edition photographs and prints for temporary display as part of their Art & Healing Program.

Anna Olson, President of St. John’s Health Foundation, says art in healthcare settings is recognized as a powerful tool used to create a healing environment.


She said that patients see local art that evokes feelings of peace, warmth, hope and relaxation.

The volunteer art committee, assembled by St. Johns Health Foundation with the support of JH

Public Art, will review submissions. All criteria can be found on the application site, CaFÉ.

Artists living in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado are are invited to submit 6-12 available works of art. The deadline to submit is February 3rd.