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Deadly Year on Wyoming Roads

November 26, 2014 State of Wyoming No Comments

It has been a deadly year on Wyoming roads. The Wyoming Highway Patrol says 135 people have died so far this year, nearly double the number killed at the same point in 2013. Troopers tell the Casper Star-Tribune the increase is being blamed on an increase in drunk driving and heavy traffic involved in the state’s oil industry.

Unemployment Steady

November 26, 2014 State of Wyoming No Comments

The unemployment rate is holding steady. New numbers show the unemployment rate in the state remains at 4.7 percent. The highest unemployment rates in the state were in Teton and Lincoln counties at 5.2 percent.

Sleigh Rides Start December 15th

November 26, 2014 Jackson Hole No Comments

The National Elk Refuge has announced its winter season. The refuge’s sleigh rides will begin Monday, December 15 and operate daily from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, except for Christmas Day. Over the past week about 4,000 elk have been counted on the Refuge. The Jackson Hole News & Guide reports those are numbers which haven’t been seen since 2006.

More Time to Comment

November 26, 2014 Greater Yellowstone No Comments

You have more time to comment on the proposal to raise the entrance fees for Yellowstone National Park. The Park Service is considering a three-day Yellowstone pass for $30 or a 7-day pass for both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks for $50. For the first time, they are also proposing a fee for overnight stays in the backcountry. Comments will be accepted until Dec. 20.

Future of Jackson

November 25, 2014 Town of Jackson No Comments

If you have thoughts about the future of Jackson, you can share them with town planners today. Planners will be at Town Hall to take public input from 7 to 9 am, 11 am to 1 pm and at 5 to 6 pm. Some proposals being considered include increasing commercial density downtown along with more hotel rooms, rentals and housing units. Jackson’s Planning Commission meets Dec. 16 to talk about the proposals.

Plans for Ecological Monitoring Station

November 25, 2014 Greater Yellowstone No Comments

The National Park Service is seeking public comment on a plan to build an Ecological Monitoring Station in Yellowstone. The site would monitor the impacts of climate change, land-use change, and invasive species on the ecosystem. Yellowstone would be the core site for the Northern Rockies for the next 30 years. An environmental assessment will be conducted to analyze the impact of the monitoring station, which would be about nine miles east of Mammoth Hot Springs. Public comment is being accepted through Dec. 21.

Leave Road Kill Alone

November 25, 2014 State of Wyoming No Comments

No matter how tasty it looks, you’re asked to leave the road kill alone. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is reminding the public that it is illegal and unsafe to pick up wildlife along a roadway. The warning comes after complaints about people stopping to remove meat or antlers off dead animals. Officials say stopping is dangerous to you and other motorists and animals killed on roads should not be consumed

Is It a Quota or Not

November 24, 2014 State of Wyoming No Comments

Is it a quota or not? The Wyoming Highway Patrol says it sets goals as a way to make sure troopers meet standards. But a report in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle found that troopers are expected to make 732 traffic stops a year in Laramie and Albany counties. They are also expected to write at least 55 seat belt violations per year to meet standards. Patrol Col. John Butler tells the paper he does not consider the standards a quota policy.

Airport Increasing Fuel Storage

November 24, 2014 Jackson Hole No Comments

The Jackson Hole Airport is looking to increase the amount of jet fuel it can store. It would take $1.5 million to replace existing fuel tanks with ones with double the capacity. The Jackson Hole News & Guide reports the airport’s board has approved drafting a plan to put the project up for bid. It would allow airlines to store about a week’s worth of fuel.

Mountain Roads Closing

Bridger-Teton National Forest officials are reminding visitors headed into the mountains to be careful.  Officials say roads at higher elevations that were open a few weeks ago are no longer passable. Officials say the condition of forest roads can change dramatically without warning and visitors should exercise caution when headed to the mountains. To check road conditions in Wyoming, call 1-888-996-7623. For more information about the Forest, you can visit the Bridger-Teton National Forest Web site at 


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