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Light a Wish this weekend with Teton Village public art

Teton Village public art
Jackson Hole Public Art

You can enjoy part of the Light Art Collection this weekend with public art at Teton Village.

Gather beneath the dandelions of the Light A Wish installation on Saturday from 4-6 pm with live music by MoJo, Missy Jo and Joe Rudd. There will be free hot cocoa for kids of all ages and a chance to make a wish under this inspiring work of art.

With the Teton Village public art installation “Light a Wish”,  the artists visualize the good intentions that are released and hopefully encountered again in the future. In this way the illuminated dandelion puffballs are described as carriers of our deepest desires and dreams.

Sponsored by Teton Village Association and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, with project management from JH Public Art, “Light A Wish” by the OGE Group will be on view through January 15, 2023.

“Light a Wish” is part of the Light Art Collection, which provides artworks an international stage to connect, enlighten, and move people all over the world through the universal language of light art.