Luther Probst to chair Teton County Commission

Probst to chair Teton County
County Commission chairman Luther Probst

The Teton County Board of Commissioners has a new leader with Luther Probst to chair tthe board

Probst, who was just reelected to his second term in November was selected by his fellow elected officials on Tuesday.


Probst to replace Macker as chair of  Teton County Commission

He replaces Natalia Macker who chaired the board for the last four years.

The commissioners started 2023 with a meeting on Tuesday where they took on updates to the planning code for the county.

The proposal to amend the Teton County Land Development Regulations is an ongoing effort to keep up with changes in the county rules.

Planners brought forward a series of changes that were meant to make the code more efficient. They wanted to clarify the meaning or intention of the LDRs, and to codify existing practices or interpretations.

Teton County Commission updates bear-proof rules

Commissioners were updating language on bear-proof containers, and clarifying the number of employees allowed at a home business. They also revised timelines on relocating historic structures. The updates also changed legal advertising and public notice rules.

The board listened to public comment on some proposed changes and asked staff to revisit rules relating to the County’s Water Quality Master Planning process.

The commission directed staff to schedule a workshop on changes that were recommended on regulations for Accessory Residential Units.