Cow Pasture fields going away, Dog Park delayed for years

Dog Park delayed

Softball enthusiasts take note, the Cow Pasture ball fields will be no more this fall when the Teton County School District begins construction on their bus barn.

Teton County Parks and Recreation Director Steve Ashworth told members of the Town Council last week that they do not have a solid plan for replacing them.


“We have no replacement plan we have no we have nothing to replace those facilities that are very institutional in our community both in the facilities themselves as well as the programs in which they support”, Ashworth said.

Ashworth said that basically softball programs and other sports programs that are used on those fields will have no home.

Town Councilman Jim Rooks asked if the sports could be moved to other facilities, but Ashworth said that wasn’t possible.

“Our challenge is we don’t have any other facilities .”Ashworth also noted that other ball fields in town were sized for little league and could not work for adult softball.

One possibility is that ball fields could be part of a plan for the Stilson property on Highway 22 and 390. The county is expecting a plan for the proposed park portion of Stilson within the next sixty days from the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Dog park lacks funding

Ashworth also threw cold water on dog owners who are looking forward to an off-leash dog park in Jackson. Recently the Town council approved the construction of a dog facility at Miller Park.  But Ashworth said the department lacks funding for the park.

” I don’t see the dog off-leash facility at Miller Park happening in the next fiscal year the soonest would be the following fiscal year based upon seeking grant funding to do that project”, Ashworth said.

In the meantime the council may take up the regulations that currently ban all dogs from all parks in town.