Grand Teton boat fees rise

Grand Teton National Park.

Costs for everything are rising and the same will be true for those who bring their boats to Grand Teton National Park.
Watercraft users in the park will see an increase in the cost of an annual park boat permit to $25 for non-motorized boats and $75 for motorized boats starting in February.
Fees from the permits are used to help offset the costs for waterway patrols and aquatic invasive species inspections and education.
Park Superintendent Chip Jenkins said that if aquatic invasive species were to be introduced into park waters, it could have catastrophic effects on the ecosystem. Once established, AIS can become nearly impossible to eliminate.
You can buy a Grand Teton National Park boat permit sticker in the park during summer months at the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center and Colter Bay Visitor Center permit desks or go online at beginning February 1, 2023.
The online mail-order system lets visitors have their permit and educational information mailed to them before getting to the park. Permits are required for all boats including motorboats, fishing boats, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes.
Purchase a Wyoming State Aquatic Invasive Species decal online or from a variety of local vendors (paddle boards are exempt).
To learn more about AIS, visit For more information about boating and floating in Grand Teton National Park, visit the park website,