Liquor license renewal denied for closed bar In Teton County

closed bar In Teton County

The Teton County Board of Commissioners did not renew a dormant liquor license this week.

State liquor licenses, which cost 1500 dollars, must be renewed each year by the County Commission or the Jackson Town Council with one factor being whether state liquor laws are being followed or not.


According to a staff report to the commission, the Copper Bar in the Aspens has not utilized their license to operate the business since approximately May or June of 2018 or to purchase liquor since January of 2019.

A google search lists the business as permanently closed.

Wyoming rules say that if a business that has a liquor license is not operational for a period of a year, or two years in some circumstances, the license will not be renewed by the local licensing authority.

The Teton County Clerk recommended that the application not be renewed.

Transfer of license approved in Wilson

Commissioners did approve a transfer of a restaurant liquor license to the new owners of the iconic Nora’s Fish Creek Inn.

In all, the commission renewed 73 liquor permits around the Teton County including 24 retail permits, 16 restaurant licenses, 13 resort licenses, 11 malt beverage licenses, 4 club licenses, 2 winery permits, 1 bar and grill license, and 1 manufacturing license.

The fees paid by the licensees totaled 137, 300 dollars.