Residents urged to give bears space

grizzlies spotted

Bears throughout Wyoming, including celebrated Grizzly 399 and her four adolescent cubs, are becoming increasingly active in search of food before winter hibernation. Wyoming’s wildlife managers are encouraging all residents and visitors to do their part to keep bears – and themselves – safe. Kristin Combs with Wyoming Wildlife Advocates says 399 is widely viewed as a national treasure, and she encourages fans to give the bear and her family plenty of space.
“We live in a unique environment up here, where we have her and her cubs wandering around. And we should be able to appreciate them and enjoy them, and also give them the room to move around and find food, hopefully before they turn in for the winter.”
Combs says bears and people can co-exist; it just takes a small shift in your mindset and taking a few extra precautions, especially during the late summer/early autumn feeding period known as hyperphagia. For a comprehensive list of tips for how to make your home bear safe, and how to manage encounters outdoors, visit ‘’