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What do you think about the National Park transportation plan?

National Park transportation plan

The National Park Service is updating its National Long Range Transportation Plan and they want your input.

The plan is will guide transportation-related planning, maintenance, and operations in national parks throughout the country.

Public comments can be made via the Planning, Environment & Public Comment website  through February 3, 2023.

The National Park Service maintains about 5,500 miles of paved roads, 7,000 miles of unpaved roads, 4,600 miles of bicycle and pedestrian multi-use trails, 2,500 bridges and tunnels, and 6,100 parking areas. There are also more than 100 transit systems, including buses, ferries, trolleys, trains, streetcars, and snow coaches.

National Park transportation plan updated every 5 years

The long-range plan is updated every five years to align with current and anticipated future transportation challenges and opportunities.

The current update focuses on reducing carbon emissions by upping the use of electric vehicles in national parks will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance air quality, and reduce noise.

The plan will also try to increase access that connects parks with nearby communities. Investments in transit facilities, trails, and technology will provide more opportunities for people to visit their national parks.

It will also maintain and improve the condition of roads, parkways, parking, transit, trails, bridges, and tunnels.

The plan will be refined based on comments received. The plan will then be finalized and implemented starting in the Spring of 2023.