Saturday, February 4, 2023

Game and Fish seeks feed ground permit

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has requested a permit from the US Forest Service to maintain elk feeding operations at the Dell Creek...
Bears are emerging

Grizzly attack near Cody

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Wyoming Game and Fish Department are currently investigating a grizzly bear attack on Saturday outside Cody. The...

Montana hunters kill three Yellowstone wolves

Yellowstone National Park wolf biologists report that the park lost three of its 27 wolves in the Junction Butte Pack to Montana hunters during...

Hunters rewarded for providing elk blood samples

Hunters in select elk hunt areas are again being asked this fall to collect blood samples from their harvest to help in the department’s...

Bear removed from Melody Ranch

Wyoming Game and Fish biologists tranquilized a bear that had been roaming through Melody Ranch Thursday and Friday and moved it away from populated...
Moose Charges Woman

Moose attacks on bike path

A Wilson resident was injured by a bull moose around 7:15 am Friday morning while reportedly walking his dog on the bike path northeast...

Hunters shoot charging grizzly in Island Park

On Thursday, Idaho Fish and Game received a report of a sow grizzly bear with cubs that charged two elk hunters in the Stamp...
grizzlies spotted

Residents urged to give bears space

Bears throughout Wyoming, including celebrated Grizzly 399 and her four adolescent cubs, are becoming increasingly active in search of food before winter hibernation. Wyoming’s...

Gordon defends wolf management

Governor Mark Gordon has issued a statement last week in response to an announcement from the US Fish and Wildlife Service that it will...

Wyoming wants to manage grizzlies

During a news conference Thursday, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon announced that the State of Wyoming is seeking state management of grizzly bears in the...

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